Our Vision

Our vision describes our long-term goals for the ways we operate,
which shapes our ethos, attitude, and our guiding principals


I firmly believe that any organization that takes it upon itself to attempt to disrupt its industry must have a voice of experience and a pair of fresh eyes. Virtesio was born from this concept. Before I explain our ideas and goals, I want to clarify that I never want to disparage specific consultants or criticize institutions. Consulting in the Salesforce space is full of fresh ideas and visionary thinkers.

But that doesn't mean that there aren't problems. Our founder, Andy, was Chief Architect at eBay for ten years. He has seen Salesforce Greatness. He has seen Salesforce Chaos. I, Patrick, graduated a year and a half ago and only entered this industry in the last six months. But for me, the problems immediately became apparent.

What we want to achieve will take time and patience, but alongside our amazing clients, we hope to expand, change, and revolutionize. I encourage you to follow our journey on LinkedIn, and I'd love to chat with you about your organization, our goals, or the industry at large.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide holistic education-based Salesforce assistance by applying our "five institutional goals," which put clients, employees, and societal welfare above all else.

Five Institutional Goals


To provide industry-leading tools, techniques, and expertise to the benefit of clients


To provide education-based help to organizations


To always use radical honesty within our organization, and when working with clients


To use non-invasive marketing techniques


To use our platform as a force for the good of our clients, our employees, and society at large

With these goals, we strive to be a revolutionary institution. We hope that when we walk into an organization, we apply our expertise, and leave with the knowledge that the organization is sustainable and can maximize its Salesforce ROI. 


This concept is the future of consultants in the Salesforce space.

We strive to create sustainability through holistic and comprehensive education and evaluation techniques that allow companies to get the most out of their Salesforce Org. Our LEAPE Methodology provides a framework for learning about the qualities of Salesforce, evaluating the Org in its current state, and envisioning and achieving organizational goals for Salesforce.

We are changing consulting for good.

I encourage you to get in touch. One of our institutional goals is to use non-invasive marketing techniques. If we feel that we would fail to improve your Org, we won't push or harass you. We receive calls and emails from consultancies every day, as I'm sure you do too, we don't want that bull%$!% associated with our organization and it goes against my personal morality and the goals of our organization. When you chat with us, you can expect radical honesty.

Radical honesty is the idea that the truth is important above all else, including the interests of our organization.

Our LinkedIn is here. Follow us and join our journey. You may not need us now; you may not need us ever. But we will always be here, striving to create achievable change for our clients and the industry as a whole. To get in contact, follow us on linked in or click the button below: