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What is Phoenix?

Improving your return on Salesforce investment


Unleash the full potential of your Salesforce investment with our Phoenix Program. Our 5-part LEAPE Methodology, developed from years of Salesforce management expertise, helps you overcome the challenges of complex and untamed Salesforce Orgs, unlocking innovation and maximizing value

With the Phoenix Premium Program, benefit from:

  • In-depth analysis of your Salesforce setup

  • Dedicated support from a Salesforce Architect

  • Input from key stakeholders

  • Comprehensive Org Health Check with the latest tools

  • Evaluation of Salesforce DevOps maturity

  • Expert recommendations and proposal for improvement

  • Efficient project delivery with professional services

Don't settle for subpar Salesforce performance - join the Phoenix Program today.

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With our Phoenix Lite Program, we offer:

  • 3 free hours of consulting to get you started with the above process on your own

  • A follow-up meeting to help you interpret results

To learn more about Phoenix and set up a time with a Customer Success Manager, hit the button or send an email to:

Our Process: LEAPE 


LEAPE is the framework for how we achieve success with your Org.


If your Org was a house, the Phoenix Premium Program is the furniture, appliances, and paint job. These things help your Org function, look good, and they make it easier to maneuver for you and your team. Without any of that stuff, the function of the Org would be put in jeopardy. But to have the furnishings and the electronics, you need the structure of the house. You need a strong foundation, thick walls, and a roof that keeps things safe. That is why we developed LEAPE. This structure paves the way for your Org to become as successful as possible.

The Phoenix Premium Program is the "what."

LEAPE is the "how."

So what are the steps for the LEAPE ?











Salesforce can be a wild beast. We understand that when you buy a new house, after a while the weeds become overgrown, the paint peels and the plumbing gets clogged up.

This is ok and a completely natural progression.

A lot of consultants will come in a promise to fix those things. And in fairness (most the time) they do fix those problems. But in a couple of years they will know that they can come back all the same and fix the same problems. Time and time again the cycle continues.

This, however, is not how we conduct our business. If we do our job correctly, you will only need us once. Or at least until you want to build that patio and/or that garage extension that you've been wanting.

So how do we achieve this?

Instead of mowing your lawn, repainting your rooms, and declogging your plumbing, we provide you with an optimised schedule to do the gardening, we recommend top class paint that lasts a long time, and we rework your plumbing to fit the needs of you household.

Think of us less as a contractor, and more of an educational institution.



When you evaluate, you learn. What is working well? What isn't? Where does your Org need help? These questions are crucial to the fabric of a successful and healthy Org. When we evaluate your Org together, all of us will begin to understand just what you need.




Learning is the most important step in the process. Our goal is to help you learn enough about your Org that you no longer needs us. When we provide you with the tools necessary for success, you'll never have to talk to another contractor again. 

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Now that we have examined your Org, it is time for us to start envisioning your needs. At this stage we should know your situation and where you'd like to get to. This means we can architect meaningful solutions rather than short-term solutions that backfire in the long term. The big question in this phase is: What do we need to do?

2 LEAPE.jpg



If Architect asks the "what?", then prepare asks the "how?". How are we going to achieve your goals? What is the timetable for the work you need? Preparation is the final step before actually making physical changes to your org.

LEAPE 5.jpg



Executing is doing. After we have prepared your vision for what you need to achieve, it's time to enact those changes. When all is done you will see strong ROI and a more successful and clinical Salesforce Org.


If you feel that the Phoenix Premium Program and LEAPE could work for your organization please get in contact by clicking the button:

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