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Some words from the people who know us best

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I have worked with Andy Clark for approximately 8 years in his capacity as a Salesforce Solution Architect for eBay, both as a full-time employee (peer) and as a contractor reporting to me. In that time I have found him to be a consummate professional with unsurpassed business communications skills, complimented by extraordinary Salesforce architecture and implementation skills. He is particularly adept at talking to business partners and understanding their business and process needs, then presenting solutions that meet - and usually exceed - those needs within the constraints of time/cost, scope, and quality. He presented innovative solutions for us on the Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Platform. I recommend Andy unconditionally for any Salesforce engagement.

Charles Wright PMP, PMI-ACP

I have worked as a peer with Andy for the last several years. As you read through Andy’s many LinkedIn accolades you will see that the man is a Salesforce savant of sorts and is capable of leading grand scale Salesforce Implementations successfully. YES, he is in fact extremely smart. What you may not see is that Andy also has a great work ethic, is fun to work with and has an extremely high level of emotional intelligence. (Unicorn?) He is a true leader in that folks that know him want to work with him and highly respect him.

Jen Bryant, PMP

I had the opportunity to work with Andy for the last five years on the most complex SFDC migrations. Each and every migration came in on time and on budget and more importantly with zero errors on live date. Andy's vast technical knowledge of SFDC combined with his superior project management skills make Andy an invaluable leader to his peers, his reports, and his management team. Andy views any challenge as a possibility and looks forward to applying new tools and techniques. He is well versed in best practices and how to accomplish any task in the simplest way. It has been my privilege to work along side Andy Clark. True brilliance!

Ann Lago

It's rare that you come across pure brilliance like Andy Clark. I had the pleasure of working with Andy for five years at eBay/PayPal. I was always in awe of Andy's knowledge. He was able to guide us through many complex migrations with ease. Besides being very knowledgeable, Andy is professional and always goes the extra mile to help resolve the issue. Andy earns my highest recommendation as I can't say enough about his talent.

Michelle Lemmon

Andy is a top notch technical consultant and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in He is a thorough professional with excellent technical and customer interaction skills. Even in the most difficult situations he is poised and polished and I have never known him to miss a deadline or disappoint a client.

Jay Noble

Andy worked on several projects for us and every time delivered above expectation. On top of his excellent technical skills, he understands complex business processes, has a great attitude and builds up a level of trust. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Andy! It is hard to only select 3 top attributes for Andy as I could tick them all for him.

Kimberly Jansen

Andy is an insightful, articulate and intelligent individual with a talent for being both correct, diplomatic and persuasive. Andy sees solutions where others see problems and has a perception that enables him to dissect business and technical challenges with a clarity and simplicity that few might match. Andy is cool under pressure and always continues to operate without symptom and provides his colleagues and staff with confidence and leadership. He is a man of great integrity. I enjoyed working with him and would recommend him without reservation

Michael McCann

Andy is an amazing technical architect, analyst and project manager. I had the pleasure of working with Andy on several projects and he always delivered great results on time and within budget. Andy takes the time to truly understand the business needs and provide the best solution to meet the requirements, provide end user satisfaction and be technically sound.

Karen Gonnet

Andy is a rare blend of superb technical ability and excellent interpersonal skills with prospects and customers. He makes accurate estimates of hours and days of work needed, and is extremely dependable on meeting or beating time and expense budgets. He wrote Saaspoint's popular TimeTrack PSA application that runs on the platform, initially as a composite app, and then ported it to the platform in his personal time on weekends. He is talented in development, integration, and business processes, and understands the customer's business case and needs and often develops solutions that more fundamentally help them than what they initially thought they wanted. He also helped to prospect and bring in business in the Colorado area, and is frequently asked for by name by existing customers. Finally and importantly to me, he has the highest ethical standards.

Cary Fulbright

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